Handmade Wedding Bands

We were lucky enough to have friend with a jewellery studio who helped us in making our own wedding bands. I have some experience working with metal but this was a new experience working with gold. We had a great time and achieved the perfect simple bands we were after. 

Upcycled Surfboard

Polystyrene foam is a material that takes years to break down in a landfill, so it is important to reuse and recycle whenever possible, extending it's lifespan. Using a beat up windsurfing board from the 90's, I repurposed the foam and made it into a surfboard. I had never modelled something so large out of foam before, keeping things symmetrical with very basic tools was a challenge, but experience from previous projects helped this large scale project become a success. 

Surfboard Progess

Making good progress on the surfboard. Added wood to the front and back adding a bit of support in addition to a clean and simple design. 

One mans trash...

Flea markets in Denmark are full of hidden gems. I got a great price on this old oak chair and have started the process of refinishing. With some extra wool from Kvadrat, I plan to reupholster the seat and back and I used a white soap finish on the chairs frame. The greyed tone of the soap finish compliments the light grey wool I will later use for the seat. 

Custom Surfboard

Some early progress shots of my custom surfboard made from an old stand up paddle board. Spent some time filling wholes and dents, and sanding to get it back to a crisp white before adding Balsa wood around the rims.

Fabelab at CIFF Kids

The Wall Decor Mount and Wall Hooks I designed for Fabelab were presented  and well-received at the CIFF Kids trade fair for kids clothing and interior brands. Prior to the fair I helped out with some set up and made a wooden logo for the both.